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wine and food tasting evening
wine and vegetable pie

Wine & Food Evenings

here or there, at home,

six nectars merge with agapes

and come to play the symphony of the senses

in an intense moment

of shared pleasure,


from €54.00 / person

limited to 15 people

natural sweet wines and cheeses
white wine and Thai chicken
strawberries and lemon bergamot liqueur
wine, butternut, sweet potato, coconut milk
what wine to pair with grilled prawns
Serine des Aspres wine cellar

wine, FOOD & TEAS tasting

crevettes noix de coco, chocolat

foie gras au poivre

nage de fruits de mer

magret de canard, pomme & céleri rave

vieux cantal

panna cotta au thé yuzu

Viognier, domaine Thulon

Chateauneuf du Pape, La Cabotte

Ame du Chêne blanc, Corinne Depeyre

Clos de garde, Les Semelles de vent

Bastide, domaine Dalmeran

Les Bêtises de Thulon, domaine Thulon

thé parfumé pêche blanche

Yunnan d'Or

thé vert japonais

thé rouge de Formose


thé parfumé au Yuzu

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