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Mas la Marchette chambre et table d'hôtes Oms 66 Sandrine & Pierre

Welcome to Mas la Marchette,
Maison Dellière,
at Pierre & Sandrine

For 35 years, in the footsteps of his father, Pierre, has welcomed you to the Provence Automobile Museum in Orgon (13) to help you discover the history & world of automobiles through cars, posters, bicycles, miniatures & other unusual objects unearthed over the years. In 2012, he created the café - wine bar within the Museum.

Sandrine, after several years spent in the sales and management sector, wants to give meaning to her life, in a world of passion, sharing and conviviality . She joined the wine university in Suze la Rousse for training as a wine sommelier. In 2018, she opened the Sérine des Alpilles wine cellar where wines, teas, & spirits play a symphony of the senses.

Since June 2023, they have been welcoming you to their new guest house, at Mas la Marchette, in a world of automobilia and the joy of the vine.

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